Electron festival 2011


Live Connections: 3 days workshop

(CH / CL)

avec Alain Crevoisier et Cristian Vogel - avec la participation du Groupe d'Interaction Musicale de la Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève et la Cie Gilles Jobin

Friday 22 april / Saturday 23 april / Sunday 24 april /

The Live Connections project stands as a platform for exchanging knowledge and experimenting the use of interfaces in audio and visual performances. The interface is the necessary link between gesture and music, or gesture and images, as musical instruments do but with the possibility to completely reinvent the form and action. The interface becomes a place of experimentation and a new art form, where everyone is free to invent new interactions between the gesture and the sonic or visual result (or even other kinds of results). As a central point, the practice questions the notion of performance and the meaning of the presence and action on stage. Ultimately the interface is not an end in itself but rather a means to stage a unique project of musical or audiovisual performance.


Participation in the workshop Live Connections is open to musicians, DJ's, VJ's, visual artists, sound or visual designers, programmers, dancers, and handymen of all sorts. Following the Do-it-yourself and hacking spirit, three kinds of interfaces will be proposed to work with:

-    Interfaces realized with daily life objects put and manipulated on a table.

-    The body as interface: use of the Microsoft Kinect.

-    Interface made with various sensors, based on  I-CubeX


The workshop will be organized around two poles, one pole focusing on the creation of custom interfaces, and one pole focusing on the interaction with sound or images. The idea is then to connect things together, in order to make a work-in-progress concert on the evening of the last day. People interested in the performance rather than the implementation aspects, such as dancers for instance, will work in tandem with someone of the interface or sonic/visual interaction group, in order to follow the creative process.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own audio or visual content, in the form of patches for Max MSP / Jitter, Processing, Kyma, Ableton Live Sets, etc.


No. of participants: 16 maximum.

Price: 150.- including technical backline & brunch

 By reservation only!  inscription_workshop@electronfestival.ch


Supported by I-CubeX

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