Electron festival 2011


CONFERENCE & TABLE RONDE: STREET SKATE & FREE PARTY - Les espaces libres comme lieu de manifestation

Avec Guillaume Kosmicki, Claudio Deuel et d’autres protagonistes de la vie culturelle genevoise

Saturday 23 april /
GRÜ/Théâtre du Grütli

The problems of Skateboarding in urban zones, studies on the use of open spaces as areas suited to fun events or free demos are among the themes that our guests will be tackling from political, artistic or logistical angles. With various speakers from Geneva’s Skateboard scene and Guillaume Kosmicki, a musicologist, teacher-lecturer who specializes in the Techno phenomena at Raves and Free Parties. As “Tournesol”, Kosmicki is also a musician who is part of the öko system collective. He’s the author of the books Free Party : une histoire, des histoires and Musiques électroniques, des avant-gardes aux dance floors published by Le Mot Et Le Reste publications.

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